DES MOINES, Iowa — Hurricane Ian has become an all-hands-on-deck mission for the American Red Cross. Hundreds of volunteers are in Florida offering support after the catastrophe, including several from the Hawkeye State.

The Red Cross reports seventeen Hurricane Ian volunteers are from Iowa; eight of the seventeen are from central Iowa. Some volunteers went down to Florida during the weekend in advance of Ian, while others made their way south after the storm hit.

Red Cross of Iowa and Nebraska communications director Emily Holley said many of the volunteers are retirees and some of them are just coming off of other Red Cross service.

“We have a volunteer in eastern Iowa who just spent two weeks in California helping with wildfires. Now, he’s heading down to Florida to help with Hurricane Ian,” Holley said. “These are really folks who give a lot of themselves and a lot of their time.”

There are also Red Cross volunteers in Puerto Rico assisting in the aftermath of Hurricane Fiona, and more volunteers are ready to deploy to South Carolina if Ian makes landfall there this week.

“When it comes to responding to a disaster, even with all of the preparation in the world, things change,” Holley said. “It could be quite some time before we know the scope of damage from this hurricane. The danger isn’t over yet.”

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