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The Mississippi River is expected to start dropping after cresting Sunday afternoon.

The Mississippi River still sits at more than 20 feet. That is two feet below the record and five feet above flood stage. The river is forecasted to remain above major flood stage for the next week, and people in flooded river towns are keeping a close eye on how much rain is in the forecast this week.

Highway 22 along the Mississippi River remains closed.

The Red Cross is helping flood victims along the river. Volunteers handed out water on Campbell’s Island.

In East Moline, Illinois, folks living along the Mississippi River are feeling the brunt of the flooding, but they say it’s what they signed up for.

“It`s worth the benefits that we have. You know we look out the back window and we see the river and animals and our dock and our boats are right there, so I mean it`s just an inconvenience and we`ll get through it. We pull together as a community and help each other out. It`s what we do,” said Dan Roberson, Campbell’s Island resident.

“I`m ready to go to a hotel, to be honest. Yeah, it`s coming up to my thighs now, so I don`t know, I may need to go with some up here,” said Michelle Goode, another Campbell’s Island resident.

It may be hard to get out of town now. At this point, water is over the access road to Campbell’s Island.