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DALLAS COUNTY, Iowa – Another Iowa county could be holding a recount of ballots cast on Election Day after equipment malfunctioned at some of its polling places.

The Dallas County Board of Supervisors is holding a meeting Thursday afternoon to vote on whether the auditor’s request for an administrative recount will be granted. An agenda for the meeting said there were problems with the equipment at four of its precincts.

The Iowa Secretary of State has already called for the Board of Supervisors in Warren and Des Moines counties to approve administrative recounts.

Traci VanderLinden (D), the Warren County Auditor said the correct process for pulling the vote totals from the tabulator machine was not followed at one precinct, and at two others the machines were in “test” mode not “election” mode.

In Des Moines County, Auditor Terri Johnson, (D) said there was an issue with counting absentee ballots. Poll workers counted a box of 355 absentee ballots in “sessions”. On Election Day, once the workers would run the ballots through the voting tabulator machine, some of those sessions would show an inaccurate number of ballots than what was in the box. Johnson contacted Secretary of State Paul Pate to inform him a recount would be needed.