DES MOINES, Iowa — A heat dome is sitting over Iowa and the heat and humidity will get worse before it gets better this week.

Heat Warning

The Excessive Heat Warning is in effect across Central Iowa until Thursday night. It will feel as warm as 110° during the warmest part of the day on Tuesday. This high heat and humidity can increase the potential for heat-related illnesses. The long duration of the high heat can impact the young, elderly and those with medical conditions the hardest. Please take breaks in the shade, find air conditioning, and drink plenty of water over the next few days.

This will be record-breaking heat with some of the highest heat indices of the season.

Expected Heat Index

The hottest part of the day is after 11 AM and before 7 PM. If you do need to be outside, try to do so in the morning. The earlier the better.

7 Day Forecast

The record high on Tuesday is 98° set back in 1947. It looks like the Des Moines metro area could tie this today with a high around 98°. The metro area has the best chance of breaking a new record high on Wednesday. The humidity doesn’t look as high on Wednesday, this will make it easier for the temperature to climb faster. The record high on Wednesday is 99° set back in 1975. There is some heat relief on the way by the end of the week.