Raygun Moves into Warehouse Location as Online Sales Increase During the Pandemic


DES MOINES, Iowa — While some stores are trying to keep their doors open through the COVID-19 pandemic, Raygun has moved its production into a warehouse location due to high online demand.

Raygun said it saw an increase in its online sales in April. The company said it had always planned to move its production into a warehouse location, but the pandemic encouraged the company to move sooner. 

“Where having had all of our stores closed for two and a half months, and then not being able to have as many people in, and then not having as many people in general, a ton of those sales have gotten pushed to the website,” said Chris Biagini, the inventory manager at Raygun. “Our overall sales aren’t dramatically different than last year, but where they’re coming from is different.”

Raygun said its new space will allow the company to expand its printing production and fulfill orders at a higher rate. 


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