Rand Paul Explains What Sets Him Apart at Iowa Stop

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Republican presidential candidate Sen. Rand Paul(WHO-HD)
Republican presidential candidate Sen. Rand Paul(WHO-HD)

SIOUX CITY, Iowa — Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is trying to gain in the polls with a nine-city swing through Iowa.

The Republican presidential candidate made one of his first stops in Sioux City, where he promised under his administration, you’ll have the right to be left alone.

“I’m the one Republican who says the government went too far when it began collecting all of our phone records, all of the time, indiscriminately.  I’m a believer in the Bill of Rights.  I’m a believer in the Fourth Amendment that says if the government wants to look at your records, they have to have a specific warrant with your name on it and they have to ask a judge for permission.  And, so I think that sets me apart,” Paul said.

Paul will be in Des Moines at 5:30 Thursday night to open his campaign headquarters.


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