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Even with snow falling at the beginning of May RAGBRAI organizers insist there is a lot more to look forward to this summer besides the warm temperatures.

When bikers make their stop in Des Moines on July 23 will be greeted with a free concert on the Court Avenue Bridge.

Local and regional bands along with the Summerland Tour featuring Filter, Sponge, Live and Everclear will all perform throughout the day.

On Wednesday, organizers unveiled the official logo and slogan of the Des Moines stop. It features the city skyline with a bicycle wheel rising behind it like a sunrise and reads “Des Moines: Even Better in Spandex.”

It was designed by the popular East Village T-shirt shop Raygun. T-shirts will be available in the RAGBRAI Event Village along the Principal River Walk.

The Event Village will also house food and beverage vendors and a biking expo.

The fun-filled day will end with fireworks.