DES MOINES, Iowa – “West To East, we’ll get that out of the way” was new RAGBRAI Director Matt Phippen’s reply when asked to describe the soon-to-be-revealed route of the annual ride across Iowa. Besides an overall direction, Phippen kept the details under wraps.

“I think with any ride you want to give the best of everything. You’ll have people who want it flat because they love flat roads, you’ll have people who want hills because they love to climb. I think with this year’s route we give a little blend of everything.” Phippen adds “It will showcase some pretty awesome communities in the state of Iowa.” Some of those communities will have 10,000 visitors for a day in July.

The first event of RAGBRAI 2022 starts at 7 pm Friday at Hy-Vee hall. Tickets are available online and at the door. Phippen expects people from across the country to travel here just for this event then return for the ride, whatever the route.

We know, west to east.