Racist Robocalls Target Drake University Students


Drake University campus (WHO-HD)

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DES MOINES, Iowa — Drake University is responding to another racist incident on campus.

This time a white supremacist group is placing robocalls to students. The university hasn’t revealed what those messages say exactly, only that they contain offensive and disturbing language.

The calls were made to campus landlines from a group called “The Road to Power.” This is the same group that sent out robocalls this summer relating to Mollie Tibbetts’ alleged killer.

Drake University President Marty Martin sent out a statement to students and faculty.

Dear students and colleagues,

Tonight, our campus community has been subjected to robocalls from a white supremacist group called The Road to Power. Automated calls to campus phone lines have conveyed offensive, disturbing, and hateful recorded messages. The calls were not made from a Drake-managed phone number, but from another number that closely resembles Drake phone numbers. The calls did not originate from campus. Drake University condemns this reprehensible action. 

Drake ITS and our Department of Public Safety (DPS) are diligently working to understand how this attack happened, and to gather information to assist law enforcement in their investigation. Increased numbers of Des Moines police officers are on and around campus.

 If you are experiencing trauma from having heard one of these messages, please know that counselors are available in the Cowles Reading Room through this evening. Additional support will be provided by Broadlawn’s Observation Center. DPS can provide transportation; please call 515-271-2222, if needed.

Once again, we condemn this vicious and heartless attack in the strongest possible terms. I will communicate more on this subject tomorrow morning.


Last week, a threatening racist note was slipped under the door of a student’s dorm room on campus.

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