RACIAL RALLY: March Against Racial Profiling

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According to students at Drake University, racial profiling and discrimination is an issue that’s not talked about enough.

“I've known that it exists but I guess I didn`t realize the extent to which it does exist,” said Greg Larson, Drake Student Body President.

Facility at Drake took it a step further. Melisa Klimaszewski, with the University’s English Department said, “Its easy to believe that all of our problems with racism have been solved; that the civil rights act means that we have equality, we have a level playing field. All those catch phrases make things feel easy.”

Thursday night, Kilimaszewski along with more than two dozen Drake students, facility and nearby community members joined a march and rally, hoping to spark a conversation of racial profiling and discrimination. Their hope was that will more discussion and awareness, it can be stopped and no longer tolerated.

“It happens everywhere and it doesnt matter what color your skin is, it happens everywhere, and this is just to make people aware that this is happening and we need to stand up,” said Freddie Fulton, the Vice President of the Coalition of Black Students at Drake University.

Fulton, who helped organize the event, said the idea was born after an incident occurred on campus. He said in February, a group of students were walking back to their dorms when they were shouted at. Fulton said the message was “get off our campus you don`t belong here.”

Students gathered on Thursday evening were responding to that incident, and others across thecountry, by raising their voices, and keeping the conversation about racism going.

“We have problems in Des Moines, we have problems at Drake and if we face them and we talk about them then we can minimize them and be part of the solution,” said Klimaszewski.


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