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DES MOINES, Iowa – With kids in school, planning a healthy quick breakfast can become a struggle.

Midwest Dairy Dietitian Alyson Fedrick suggests to use the United States Department of Agriculture “My Plate” model as a guide.

The USDA suggests having the five good groups when building a healthy diet. The food groups include: fruits, vegetables, protein, grains and dairy.

Fedrick said there are easy ways to make breakfast quick and easy. Parents can give their child a muffin to go, make egg muffins in advance and freeze until ready to serve, oatmeal and more.

“Studies have shown kids who eat breakfast actually perform better at school and do better on their test scores. The great thing is a lot of schools are doing different types of breakfast options. Not only are they offering breakfast at school, but they are also doing alternative breakfast options. Maybe a grab and go, or breakfast in the classroom,” Fedrick said.

Fedrick said if a child does not want to eat early in the morning, pack a snack so they do not wait until lunch time to eat. Some easy snacks include fruit, granola bar, cheese stick, etc.

Fedrick said to avoid refined sugar options in for breakfast.

“They have separated out on the ingredient label added sugar vs. natural sugar. Take a look at that package and see. Some products contain natural sugar and that is not necessarily as much to be concerned about as more as what is added into that package. Really check those ingredient labels and see where that nutrition is coming from and if it is actually in that product or if it is being added,” Fedrick said.

If serving cereal, check the label to see how much fiber and sugar is inside. Fedrick said find a cereal with five grams of fiber or more, and sugar that is five grams or less per serving.