Questions and Concern Remain the Center of Controversial Sanctuary City Law

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- Those against a Senate File 481 will voice their concerns at a candlelight vigil on Wednesday evening.

The bill, which Governor Kim Reynolds signed into law on Tuesday, requires local police to cooperate with federal immigration laws when dealing with a suspected undocumented immigrant. Those who support bill tout it will help make communities safer, those who oppose it says it promote racial profiling and fear.

The League of United Latin American Citizen, an organization that civically empowers the Hispanic community, is preparing a lawsuit against Governor Reynolds for signing off on a bill they believe is unconstitutional.

The immigrants rights advocate group, American Friends Service Committee is hosting a vigil at the State Capitol building. It begins at 7 p.m. An employee of the organization and an Mexican immigrant says police departments around Central Iowa are already taking action.

"We get daily calls from people who have been detained by ICE. Our phones are always ringingwith people who are afraid of everything. They are either reporting ICE activity or people who are calling regarding this bill," says Bernice Nava.

The law does not go into effect in July 1st however, Nava says its already creating more fear even for those who are documented citizens.

"We`ve had friends and families who`ve been pulled over outside of Des Moines and they feel like they were racially profiled and they are people who are documented and born here but because the color of their skin they knew they were racially profiled," she says.

Nava says she and other within the Latino community are struggling with scope of what the law could mean for the immigrant community. Questions remain about what policies police departments will be put into place, who is authorized to sign off on an detainee slip and if the any part of the the law is indeed unconstitutional.

According to data released last year by the Immigration and Custom Enforcement, arrests are up 67 - percent and deportations by 55 - percent in a five  - state region that includes Iowa.



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