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Quarantine Cut in Marshalltown Becomes Bird’s Nest

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa — Nearly two weeks ago, a “quarantine cut” was a decision many parents can relate to.

“I was tired of fussing with them in the bath and washing their hair and combing their hair and I just said we are doing haircuts after this,” said Lyndsey Jones, a Marshalltown mother of two.

When Lyndsey went to throw away her 8-year-old daughter Cheyenne’s hair, her oldest daughter, 10-year-old Savannah, had an idea. “She pulled it out of the trash and took it outside and for a while it just laid there as a pile of human hair, which was kind of weird,” said Lyndsey.

Savannah and Cheyenne were hoping a bird would find the hair useful. “I thought maybe some birds would pick it up and build a nest so baby birds could be warm,” Cheyenne said. A week and a half later it happened. Cheyenne said, “I was just looking in the bushes for red berries to pick.” That is when Cheyenne found the nest of her hair in the backyard. “I thought I’d see a few strands here and there and when I saw it, almost the whole nest was made of it. I was amazed,” said Lyndsey.

On Saturday, three small eggs appeared in the nest. Savannah said, “I thought it was really cool that it actually worked.”

Since birds of a feather flock together, Cheyenne’s sister Savannah hopes the next haircut this summer will give back as well. “This summer, I want to donate my hair to make a wig for kids who have cancer,” said Savannah.

A quarantine haircut to remember for all the right reasons. “It’s really just become a very special, memorable story for them,” said Lyndsey.

The family believes the bird is some type of sparrow. Cheyenne hopes to tell her friends about it at their next Zoom meeting.


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