Putting Tyler Sash Memorabilia Up for Sale is Helping Family Let Go

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OSKALOOSA, Iowa — Coping with the death of former Iowa Hawkeye football star Tyler Sash a year ago hasn`t gotten any easier at his Oskaloosa home.

“It’s hard. The emptier it gets, the harder it gets,” said Heather Dickinson, Tyler’s girlfriend.

As fans remember is crowd pleasing heroics on Saturdays at Kinnick Stadium, Heather clings to the little things.

“I like to hold on to things and I think the biggest thing is if it smells like him,” she said.

Now, Heather and the family say it’s time to let go through a public estate sale.

“It’s all his personal belongings,” she said. “It’s memorabilia, furniture, everything.”

Open to the public both Friday and Saturday at his Oskaloosa home, it’s a chance to share Tyler with everyone.

Dickinson said, “He always wanted to pay it forward, so I think it’s pretty awesome that everybody that comes will get a piece.”

Items also include high-end Jordan basketball shoes and game worn NFL cleats. While the family is letting go of all of Tyler’s belongings, it’s also helped them remember better times.

“His mom and I were going through things and I would laugh at some things. She’d say ‘why do you like that or why do you want that?’ Everything just has a different meaning between me and his brother and his mom and sister and his dad,” said Dickinson.

The t-shirts, furniture, and memorabilia will tear and fade, but for those that matter most, “His mom keeps assuring me it’s just stuff. We still have all the memories from Tyler.”

The estate sale will be held at 719 Fox Run Drive in Oskaloosa on Friday from 1-8 p.m. and on Saturday from 8 a.m.-8pm.

The Sash family recommends cash only.  All proceeds will benefit Tyler Sash’s estate.


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