Purple Matters show 1/5/10

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Pretty sure we were probably missing some Hawkeye fans for our Purple Matters internet show tonight:) Why would they schedule the Orange Bowl during our show? But we still had a good time. Hawks fans, you can catch the archived version. It’s almost as good:)

We started off veering away from politics for a bit. For all of us who “chubbed up” a bit over the holidays and, perhaps, made a little healthier diet part of our new year’s resolution, we brought in an expert. Anne Cundiff (sister-in-law of former Drake University star placekicker Billy Cundiff–we talked about that, too) is a dietitian at one of the Des Moines Hy-Vee stores. She offered some help that won’t cost you a ton and won’t mean giving up everything you like to eat.

Here’s the link to this part.

University of Iowa Professor Ellen Lewin left her Hawkeye Orange Bowl watch party to talk about her new book. It’s called “Gay Fatherhood”. It’s about, well, I guess, the title makes it rather obvious. But she interviewed about 100 gay men on the challenges of trying to adopt. The topic of gay adoption will also be our Purple Text Poll powered by Catchwind for this week. Text the word, purple, to 72466. It will send you your choices on whether you think gay couples should adopt. We will announce the results during next week’s live show at 8pm central on http://www.desmoineslocallive.com/.

Here’s the link to this part.

And we started a new segment this week. It’s called “7 things inside my head”. We talk to people you may know and ask them fun, personal and professional questions to give you a little insight into what they are all about. And we do it rapid-fire, so hopefully, they don’t have time to over-think it. They just say what’s in their head.

Here’s the link to the final part.


I’m still trying to fully figure out what I think of my St. Louis Cardinals dropping some major cash to re-sign left-fielder Matt Holiday. 7 years for about $119 million. That’s some serious money and a major commitment to a 30-year-old. They line up one star for years to come. Now can they find the dough to convince the star of all stars, Albert Pujols, to re-sign alongside Holliday? I sure hope so.

Thanks for reading. And thanks for watching. As always, I welcome your thoughts.


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