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It’s been over the river and through the woods, so sorry I haven’t posted this week’s “Purple Matters” until now. We’re enjoying some much-needed warmth in Florida with family. Wouldn’t you know it, they’re having a cold spell here? It’s only supposed to be in the 50s during part of our trip. But I guess I shouldn’t complain after the Blizzard of 09, huh?

Our “Purple Matters” internet radio show is broken into three parts, in case you can’t watch it all in one sitting.

We begun with Bill Maske. He’s a school superintendent, who is giving up his job, so he can run for Congress in Iowa’s 4th District. By the way, it’s pronounced like “mask”, not “mas’-kee“.

Here’s the link:

Joel Smits of Cedar Falls didn’t like what he saw when he went to meetings, or more appropriately, he didn’t like what he didn’t see. So he decided to start of group to get more people like himself out and about and involved. He wants to take back America.

Here’s the link:

Do you hold grudges against an ex who screwed you over or that neighbor who doesn’t take care of his lawn? An Iowa professor completed some research that shows that grudge could kill you, so you better start forgiving!

Here’s the link:

We won’t have a show next Tuesday night at 8pm central. But we will be back the following week. Have a Merry Christmas!


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