Public Works Crews Hit the Pavement Repairing Potholes After Weekend Thaw

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DES MOINES, Iowa — Now that most of the snow is gone, it is revealing more problems out on the roads: potholes.

“Definitely a lot of potholes. I don’t know if I have seen a lot of swerving, but you definitely feel them a lot more once the snow and ice disappears,” Des Moines driver Jon Garner said.

Four Des Moines Public Works crews started Monday with more than 50 pothole complaints.

Street maintenance worker Hoyt Jordan said they repair probably 50 to 100 potholes per day on 2,200 lane miles all over the city.

“We fill them and probably go back to the same hole a couple times per week, once a month maybe,” Jordan said.

Drivers say when they see an unfilled pothole approaching, it can only mean one thing: bad news.

“Kinda makes your car shake and then the question is whether it does any damage to your car, and hopefully you don’t hit too many of them,” Garner said.

Another driver said she has had to call emergency roadside service multiple times due to potholes.

“I’ve actually gotten a few flat tires from just potholes alone. So, yeah, it’s a constant worry all the time, just another flat tire and another pothole,” driver Nicole Steimling said.

The cold mix that asphalt crews are using right now is only a temporary fix.

“Right now, it’s just trying to put some cold mix in the holes and keeping them filled until summer when we can put some hot mix in it and give it a good patch,” Jordan said.

Crews want the public to report potholes and also slow down for crews that are trying to repair them.

“People drive by us, try to swerve at us sometimes, honk, swear at us, tell us we are in their way. So yeah, it’d be nice if people would really slow down because it is dangerous,” Jordan said.

To report a pothole, go to the My DSM mobile app or call 515-283-4950.


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