DES MOINES – Des Moines Oktoberfest is returning for it’s 18th year this weekend. The celebration runs Friday through Saturday.

Des Moines Oktoberfest will kick off at 3pm this afternoon with the tapping of the golden keg and will feature a huge group toast and free beer while it lasts to mark the commencement of the festival.

However it is not just about drinking beer, it’s about celebrating and sharing German culture.

Jeff Angelo, Des Moines Oktoberfest’s Official Bürgermeister, said that Oktoberfest is a chance for Iowan’s to learn more about and celebrate German Heritage.

“The German experience its very important to Iowa, the background of Iowa, Iowa’s culture.” Angelo said, “and so to recognize it and celebrate it every year is very very special to me as someone of German heritage.”.

Des Moines Oktoberfest runs from 3pm-1am both Friday and Saturday. Tickets are available either at the gate or online. The event allows guests under 21 until 8pm each night.

To learn more about Des Moines Oktoberfest check out their website.