Prosecutors Say Supino Confessed to Crime

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WATERLOO, Iowa -- Testimony continued Friday in the Copper Dollar Ranch murder trial.

The jury heard from witnesses who claim they heard the suspect confess to killing her estranged husband Steven Fisher and his girlfriend, Melisa Gregory, at the ranch more than 30-years ago.

Prosecutors played a tape of a jailhouse phone call between accused killer Terri Supino and her brother Tim. We couldn't make out the audio, but we are told she said she killed Steven Fisher but didn't kill anyone else.

Jurors also heard from a former co-worker of Supino's.  Allison Simmons says she worked with Supino at an industrial cleaning service in 2001 when terrorists attacked on 9-11.  She says she, Supino and several co-workers were talking about life and death when Supino admitted that she killed someone.   "She said my brother and I killed someone," Simmons testified.

Simmons says it wasn't until years later, when she became friends Gregory's mother, that she told police about the confession. "Because I felt that it was the right thing to do," she said.

The jury was also shown a picture of blood droplets on the step leading to the camper where Gregory's body was found. The prosecution says, because the blood is on the left side of the steps, it shows the killer must have been left handed or ambidextrous; dripping blood after killing Fisher but before killing Gregory in the camper. According to the Jasper County Jail, Supino is ambidextrous.

But a blood expert from Upstate New York brought in to testify for the defense tells jurors its impossible to know whether the blood came from a weapon or something else, or whether the killer was left or right handed.  "We can not tell what the object was, whether it was coming off a person or a weapon can't be determined," Blood Stain Pattern Expert Paul Kish testified, "The direction of movement of the object whether the object was moving into the trailer or out of the trailer cannot be determined with certainty based on the appearance of those individual stains."

Kish added, it's impossible to know whether the droplets came from Fisher or Gregory's body. "We don't know whose blood it is as there were no samples taken that were tested that were tested for DNA to establish whose blood that actually was."

On Monday the jury will travel to a warehouse where the now cleaned-up camper where the murders took place is being stored.

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