Prosecution Rests in Oleaf Teoh’s Trial

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DES MOINES, Iowa —  On Friday Oleaf Teoh’s attorneys will begin their defense of the Des Moines woman accused of killing a man in a hit-and-run accident in 2018.

Teoh is accused of Vehicular Homicide by OWI and Reckless Driving.

Police said Teoh was intoxicated when she hit and killed 33-year-old Matthew Otto with her uncle’s SUV on Urbandale Avenue last February.

Investigators said they found several grams of marijuana in the glove box in the car Teoh was driving the night of the crash.

Des Moines Police Sergeant Anthony Ballantini, Vice Narcotics Control Section, said the way the drugs were individually packaged showed it was intended for delivery.

Investigators also found what they believed was blood on the car, swabbed it and sent it to the lab to be examined.

“The DNA profile developed from the swabs from item four match the known DNA profile of Matthew Otto the probability of finding this profile in a population of on related individuals chosen at random would be less than one out of 14 octillion,” Iowa DCI DNA Criminalist Sabrina Seehafer testified.

Through other data from the car, officers were also able to determine how fast she was going when she hit Otto.

“The speed was shown for at impact and approximately five seconds prior to impact the information obtained was that at impact the vehicle was traveling at 62.1 mph,” Des Moines Senior Police Officer Jacob Hedlund said.

Prosecutors showed one of Teoh’s interviews with investigators where she lied about her name, birthdate, location of the accident and who was in the car when it happened.

Throughout the interview Teoh repeatedly said she didn’t hit a pedestrian and insisted she hit a car.

“The person I got in an accident was a car and my car. The person took like, broke the whole windshield. My uncle’s whole stuff. I never hit no pedestrian. Nobody. I never hit nobody because I was making a right, going to my uncle house to drop his car off. I was taking the right. I never hit no body, no human being. No,” Teoh said in the interview.

Police told her during that same interview that she did hit Otto and found what they believe to be blood on the car, which Seehafer confirmed was Otto’s blood.


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