Proposed $4.15 Million Payout to Sexual Harassment Victims of Former Iowa Finance Authority Director

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DES MOINES, Iowa – The State Appeal Board will vote Monday afternoon on whether to approve a proposed payout of $4.15 million to two women who said that the former head of the Iowa Finance Authority sexually harassed them.

Documents released by the board show the proposed settlements the state of Iowa would pay to Beth Mahaffey and Ashley Jared. Mahaffey, the former business development director at the IFA is slated to receive $2.35 million. Jared, who still works at the IFA as its communications director, looks to receive $1.8 million.

Dave Jamison was terminated by Gov. Kim Reynolds back in March after she was made aware of “credible allegations of sexual harassment against Director Jamison.”

In a complaint filed with the state, one of Jamison’s former employees catalogs dozens of instances of inappropriate behavior including sexual jokes and innuendo.  She says Jamison once tried to convince her to come to his hotel after a night at a casino.  She says Jamison often told her “You know you could sue me?”

The complaint letter concludes:

“I’ve been doing my best to avoid Dave for months.  On January 4, 2018 he complained that I’m not ‘fun’ anymore.  He doesn’t keep me in the loop as much as he did when I wasn’t so hostile towards his behavior.”

The proposed settlements say that after investigation the allegations against Jamison, “the State determined that it is in the best interests of the State to resolve this case without further litigation.”

Ashley Jared released a statement about the settlement through her attorney:

Coming forward to the Governor about the sexual assault and harassment I was enduring by my then Executive Director took every ounce of courage and strength I had.

I’m passionate about the work the Iowa Finance Authority does and I made the decision to come forward in order to remain in my job and to help ensure other women would not have to go through what I did.

I put all my trust in Governor Reynolds when coming forward, knowing the risk of the details becoming public, and will be forever grateful to her for taking action quickly while protecting my identity.

I look forward to putting this behind me and moving forward alongside my talented coworkers in a safe, dignified and respectful workplace.
I’m wholly committed and proud to serve in my role as IFA’s Communications Director now and into the future.

I will have no further statement on this issue as I work to move past this horrific and appalling experience.


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