An earlier version of this story contained incorrect information about the county where the explosion happened. The incident happened in Dallas County and the story has been corrected.

DALLAS COUNTY, Iowa — A man is in the hospital after accidentally rupturing an underground propane tank in his front yard.

The Northern Warren Fire Department responded to an explosion in the Greenbrier subdivision west of Maffitt Lake just after 6 p.m. Thursday evening.

According to Northern Warren Fire Chief Brian Vance, the man was attempting to clear fallen trees from his yard with a skid loader when the machinery struck the propane line buried beneath the grass.

The man was rushed to MercyOne Hospital for his injuries.

The fire burned for hours as firefighters waited for the propane fueling the flames to run out.

“When you’re trying to clear land, try to clear it when you have daylight so you can see where you’re going,” Vance said. “I know equipment has lights on it, but know your surroundings when you’re trying to clear your land.”

West Des Moines firefighters assisted the Northern Warren Fire Department in the extinguishing effort.