DES MOINES, Iowa — Several prominent Iowa Republicans bashed the Democratic National Committee’s decision Friday to officially end Iowa’s status as the party’s first contest in its presidential nominating process.

Both Republican U.S. senators, Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst, as well as Gov. Kim Reynolds and state GOP Chair Jeff Kauffman weighed in on the Friday’s vote by the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee to move South Carolina into the party’s top spot and move Iowa out of the top five contests entirely.

“A total slap in the face to Iowans and rural America,” Ernst said in a tweet. “Iowa Democrats should be ashamed of themselves. An incredible loss for our state. Thankfully, #Iowa Republicans will still go first in 2024, and we will always fight for #FITN!”

Grassley also tweeted his thoughts on the DNC’s decision:

“Natl Democrats vote to torpedo Iowa’s first in the nation status showing complete disregard for Iowa voters + rural America /Democratic National Committee is pulling the plug on the Iowa Democratic Party &that’s the WRONG THING TO DO I hope Iowa Democrats don’t throw in the towel.”

“Democrats have abandoned rural America and denied everyday Iowans a voice in the presidential nominating process,” Reynolds tweeted. “It’s disappointing that there wasn’t much of a debate, but that’s what happens when a ruling elite gives orders from the top down. Make no mistake, Iowa Republicans will continue to protect this time-honored tradition.”

Kauffman also released a statement following Friday’s news:

“This is an unserious alternative from an unserious president. The DNC and Joe Biden have just kicked off utter chaos. This is just a recommendation, and the fight is not over.”

Iowa law allows the state parties to schedule their presidential nominating caucus. The law requires it be the nation’s first contest and happen before the last Tuesday in February. The DNC, however, can choose to not count the state’s delegates if Iowa doesn’t follow the national party order.