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It was a day full of pro-life issues, signs and messages.

The Iowa Republican Party held its first Celebration of Life event in Waukee, bringing out keynote speaker governor Mike Huckabee.

Iowa GOP Party chairman, A.J. Spiker said the event was to show where their party is on the issue, “We want to make sure republicans across the state know that we care about the issue of life, and care about advancing it, through the legislative process.”

Huckabee ran on a social conservative platform when he won the 2008 Iowa caucuses. He then went on to lose the presidential nomination to Arizona senator John McCain.

Saturday evening, the Fox News Channel presenter was again promoting socially conservative values, “Every life has value, and so the message of pro-life is not just about abortion it`s about celebrating every life as having great value being a gift from God with a special purpose.”

The former Arkansas governor was candid with his views on life beginning at conception and spoke about how republicans need to continue to choose political leaders who agree with those cornerstones.

Cornerstones the organization, Iowa Right to Life couldn’t agree with more.

“We think with every abortion there is a life that is lost, so we fight very hard on our way to wanting to see abortion end completely we fight very hard to save every single life that we can,” says Executive Director with Iowa Right to Life Jenifer Bowen.

Iowa democrats take a different stance on the issue. In a statement, Iowa Democratic Party spokesperson Michael Hunt said:

“The Iowa Democratic Party proudly stands with the majority of Americans who support and respect the decision each woman must make about her own pregnancy, and we reaffirm our commitment to working to ensure a women’s right to continued access to safe and legal abortion if and when she needs to consider it.  It is truly disturbing that after 40 years since Roe v. Wade, out-of-touch, anti-women`s health politicians and activists continue to erode access to safe and legal abortion through court battles, ballot measures, and burdensome legislative restrictions.”

The event also had several breakout sessions involving pro-life legislation, how to raise money for the pro-life cause, and how to be a pro-life advocate.

The program was the first time Iowa republicans have hosted an event dedicated only to the pro-life cause. A couple of hundred people attended Saturday’s event.