PRISON TIME: Sentencing In Robbery, Shootout

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Two men involved in a northeast Iowa bank robbery and shootout will now spend 75 years in prison.

Jeremiah Mumford and William Clayton faced 35 felonies, including eight counts of attempted murder and 16 counts of assault on a peace officer in Bremer County.

The charges are connected to a bank robbery in Maynard in Fayette County last October. A chase and shootout following the bank robbery ended in Bremer County.

Mumford showed no regret as he walked to the courthouse Monday.

Both Mumford and Clayton pleaded guilty to 30 counts in Bremer County.

Sumner police chief Dennis Cain was one of the victims injured in the shootout. He made an impact statement during both hearings.

Cain was one of the officers chasing Mumford and Clayton following the bank robbery and was shot in the neck, hand and finger.

“I guess my biggest thing is, why? I can see bank robberies nowadays, but not the shooting. Where were they going to go? They made the statement in Fayette County when they were surrounded (that) they were going to shoot it up. What did they do? Act like cowards and didn’t,” Cain told the court.

Mumford and Clayton already pleaded guilty to attempted murder and robbery charges in Fayette County where the bank robbery took place. They’re scheduled to be sentenced on those charges next week.


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