WINTERSET, Iowa — Emotions from the EF4 tornado remain fresh in Winterset. Community volunteer and co-pastor at Foursquare Church in Winterset Rebecca Hornbach said, “What can we do in the days and months and years ahead to help our community continue to heal?”

Tadd Davis was in the Madison County Ambulance command center on March 5th after the tornado hit. He serves as the director for the operation. “I could see the whole tornado from my house. It looked like it was in town from where I was at and it was huge and debris was flying up along side it,” said Davis.

A staff of four was scheduled for the night but ten showed up when the tornado hit. Davis recalled the troubles they ran into. “Our generator is not working and we can’t get the garage doors open so we came in here and helped get the doors open,” Davis said.

Six people in Winterset lost their lives and two under the age of five. “Propane was leaking everywhere because most use propane for their heat out in the country. The scene wasn’t safe but my guys are heroes,” said Davis.

Everyday the community shows their resolve as cleanup efforts continue. Madison County Emergency Management is now keeping a lost and found as crews continue to uncover keepsakes lost in the wreckage. “These are the kinds of things that got me because of my son and the things he used to have. Thomas the Tank Engine and matchbox cars. That makes it real and the dolls,” said Hornbach.

At first glance what seems to be garbage could be treasure. “All these pieces are really valuable. I see the pictures and keys there is a letter that is hand written. “It might be that one item that brings comfort to people that experienced a great loss,” Hornbach said.

Cleanup needs continue to evolve a white board in a maintenance shed shows the plan of attack for last Saturday. 125 volunteers, excavators and 11 skid loaders. While those help physical needs, community leaders say another will last for some time. The emotional needs. Hornbach said, “We are strong but everybody needs help at some time or another and that’s ok too. That doesn’t make you not strong.”

Much like the many trinkets uncovered in the lost and found, small things carry big meaning. “We saw a lot of bad stuff, my staff did. We are healing so we get little cards from kids coloring and stuff and that helps us a lot,” said Davis.

The Civil Air Patrol will be back out searching for lost items this week as well as the Director of Madison County Emergency Management Dio Ayala. For help setting up a time to look through the lost and found call 515-462-4255