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Both presidential candidates offer up a tribute to themselves as fathers for voters to watch today on Father’s Day. After their videos, I’ll share some numbers I don’t hear them address. Ever.

First Lady Michelle Obama talks up her husband in this one:

The Romney sons talk up their dad in this one:

Father’s Day is, perhaps, the most obvious day for those of us who are dads to reflect on our job performance. Let’s be honest, it’s normally relatively easy to become a father (and I’m not making light of the biological challenges for some). But truly acting like a father is a lot more difficult, and seemingly impossible for some.

 As our economy teeters on falling back into recession and candidates spend most of their time ripping on each other, instead of offering solutions, why does no one seem to address the responsibility of fathers. For those guys out there who have truly screwed over their children by bailing out on the family. A question for you: how do you sleep at night? Look at these stats from a Pew Research Center report on fatherhood

Kids have better chance of interaction with dad with these factors: family makes more than $50k, college degrees, older dad, who’s white.

Interpret those how you see fit. Here are the numbers that had better ignite fathers to change their ways: 1/3 of fathers don’t have conversation or email even once per month. Not once per month? More than 1/4 of fathers haven’t seen their child in at least a year. A year?

Undoubtedly there are circumstances where jobs, health, finances, whatever add challenges. But, surely, dads, is this as good as we can be? Are you waiting for the politicians to challenge you to do your job? Do your kids deserve to have to wait?


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