Pressure Mounting for Iowa Electors Ahead of Electoral Vote

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DES MOINES, Iowa — Alan Braun says being selected to serve as elector sounded fun at the time but admits he’s anxious for it to be over.

Braun is one of Iowa’s six republican presidential electors. He’s also the man on a first name basis with the mailman.

“I had no idea I would be so popular,” Braun laughs while speaking with Channel 13.

He was selected to be an elector at a republican district convention in Creston this spring but it wasn’t until recently his popularity began to grow.

“On Friday alone, I got 335 letters at my office along with a note from the lady who sorts our mail saying how unhappy she was with it,” grins Braun.

On Monday, Braun and the states other electors will cast their vote for the president and vice president at the Iowa State Capitol. Nationwide, pressure is mounting over the Electoral College to ignore what voters in their states decided and instead vote for someone beside Donald Trump.

Braun, a rheumatologist at a local hospital, says he won’t have a problem casting his vote for Trump.

“He wasn’t my first choice or my second choice but given the options that were on the ballot in November, he’s my choice and that’s who I’m going to vote for.”

While eager for the phone calls and emails to end, Braun says the experience has been a privilege, “There’s only 538 people out of 330 million that get to do this every four years. There’s not that many people who get to do this.”

Since Trump won the popular vote in Iowa, only the six republican electors will vote on Monday. The meeting with take place in the Ray Conference Room at the Iowa State Capitol at 3pm.

The public is welcome to attend.


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