PELLA, Iowa – Just days after the Republican Presidential Debate in Milwaukee, Vivek Ramaswamy hit the campaign trail in Iowa.

His campaign bus made stops in Indianola, Pella, Newton, and Clive. The Ohio resident promoted himself as one who could solve problems of so-called ‘deep state’ operatives trying to run the government over the leadership of elected officials.

“It as to be an outsider who knows something about the constitution,” said Ramaswamy. “That’s what I think happened last time around President Trump. You can’t fire people because they have civil service protection, read the law turns out the civil service protection only applies to individual firings.”

Ramaswamy has a list of things he believes that resonated with some of those who came out to support him; including that an open border is no border, parents should determine what their children are taught in schools, the nuclear family is the greatest form of governance, there are only two genders, and more.

“I think if you talk to your neighbors, your classmates, your colleagues, we’re not nearly as divided, as we’re thought to be,” said Ramaswamy. “So why is it we believe this? It’s because of the gap between what people are willing to say publicly and what they’re willing to say in private.”

Many who came to listen to him were open, though not all are backing him.

“Oh, he didn’t change me at all,” said Sandy Dunham, of Pella. “I like DeSantis because he has already done some great things and I believe he’s a man who will stand on principles, he will do what’s right.”

“Well I thought that he did a wonderful job and I think we need new blood,” said Paul Dunham, of Pella.

“I was just amazed by the book, a lot of people really need to hear him out,” said John Ferrer, of Pella.