President on Vacation

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Travel Plans: President Barack Obama is taking heat for taking his family on vacation. Should the man not take time “off”? (let’s be honest, the president is never off the job). Should he have just picked a different place to go instead of Martha’s Vineyard? Obviously, there are millions of Americans who can’t afford to go there right now. Millions can never afford to travel to the place on the East Coast that brags about being chain-free: “No Starbucks, no Gap, no Wal-Mart” as it says on its website. Do people really begrudge the president for getting away from Washington? The numbers show he’s not being a slacker compared to his predecessors, at least according to CBS Radio’s Mark Knoller, who tracks these kinds of things. He said Obama has only taken about 1/3 of the vacation time off that George W Bush took, although Obama has taken about twice the time away as Bill Clinton did.

Is this just one of those distractions opponents talk about instead of pitching solutions to the huge problems the country faces? Or is it just that people are so p****d off about the economy that they don’t want to see the president golfing and beaching, etc. at a sweet resort?



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