Prayers Answered, Ankeny Family Members Can’t Believe That They Found Jack the Beagle Still Alive

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ANKENY, Iowa — Searching didn’t work. More searching didn’t work either. Neither did asking friends and neighbors. No one had seen Jack, the Carroll family’s 8-year-old beagle since Tuesday. The family didn’t give up hope but knew that with each passing day, it would be more difficult to find Jack still alive.

By Sunday morning, it was time for a different approach: The family prayed for Jack during morning worship. Sunday afternoon, Curtis Carroll decided to search one more time. He kept the faith but worried that too much time had passed since Jack disappeared. He decided to look near a culvert by the family’s home. Jack liked to go back in that area to chase whatever animal he could find. Sure enough, there was Jack. He had apparently fallen about six feet into the culvert that was partially filled with foul-smelling water.

Carroll could see the reflection of Jack’s eyes as he shined a light down into the darkness. He dropped a ladder down into the culvert and soon carried Jack up. Jack was soaked, filthy and hungry but he was OK.

Prayers answered.


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