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DES MOINES, Iowa — A second man has died following a crash on Interstate 80 this past weekend. The crash happened on Saturday night near the east mixmaster. Authorities say a truck driven by 37-year-old Travis Gonzales rear ended a car driven by 22-year old Austin Gainuss. Gainuss was taken off of life support on Tuesday.

His passenger, 24-year old Joshua Cox, died after the accident Saturday.  Gonzales was not hurt, but charges are pending against him.

A powerful video is being shared online, showing how Gainuss, in death, is giving life to others.

It’s a moment called the honor walk, where friends and family line the halls of the hospital before an organ donor is taken past them into the operating room.

In this particular honor walk members of the Navy, which Gainuss was a part of, also lined the halls.

As a donor Gainuss will be able to save the lives of up to eight people, and with tissue donations be able to impact the lives of hundreds more. Kaylie Hoyle of the Iowa Donor Network says more and more hospitals are beginning to do honor walks.

“The gift the donor and the donor family give is just the most precious gift that anyone can give, and it’s the gift of life. The honor walk is a small but beautiful way to not only honor the loved one and who they are but also pay tribute to the amazing legacy they’re about to leave,” said Hoyle.

Hoyle says that Iowa has one of the highest numbers of registered organ donors in the country with nearly 75% of Iowans registered. Methodist, where the surgery was performed, started doing honor walks last year.