Pothole Season has Public Works Patching Around the Clock

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CLIVE, Iowa  — A sure sign of spring … potholes! They are all over metro roads and crews are working around the clock to fill each one. Clive Public Works said depending on the severity of the pothole, it can take between 10 to 20 minutes to patch.

In order to smooth out the roads, Clive Public Works begins with a little heat.

“First thing we have to do is throw a torch to it, to melt that loose material,” Roadway Maintenance Supervisor Jason Stevens said.

Despite the sunshine, they are working in less than ideal weather.

“This is the worst conditions because it’s warmed up, you’re able to work, but yet the road and everything in it is frozen. So we’ll melt it, then we’ll blow as much loose debris out and then we’ll put our cold patch in,” Stevens said.

The cold patch is pounded into the pothole, sealing it. Stevens said the continued freeze, thaw and refreeze causes the concrete around the patched-up pothole to expand and crack.

“The patch material itself is still OK. It’s the existing concrete around it that continues to fail,” Stevens said.

As the weather warms up, these reoccurring potholes can happen, pretty much anywhere.

“In fact, some of the older streets are actually in better condition because there is a different mix in the concrete, and they will actually hold up better than some of the newer roads,” Stevens said.

The City of Clive prioritizes pothole repairs based on the speed of traffic, traffic volume and the severity of the pothole.

But they are asking the public to help them identify the most problematic ones.

You can contact Clive Public Works at (515)223-6231 or at publicworks@cityofclive.com.


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