Pothole Plague: Des Moines Public Works Tripling Repair Effort, Over 1,000 Potholes Reported

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DES MOINES, Iowa — Potholes are the talk of the town and everyone’s enemy on the roads.

Des Moines Public Works has tripled the amount of crews out working 10-hour days trying to repair the roads from this harsh winter. However, they can only work so fast, and it probably feels like a losing battle.

Channel 13’s Whitney Blakemore was out on pothole patrol Monday afternoon and talked to drivers trying to dodge them.

“I hit a big hole and it just tore my car completely up and it cost me about $70 this morning,” one Des Moines driver said.

Many are using words like “craters” and “minefields” to describe what they have had to drive through. There is no shortage of description for Iowans navigating on these beat up roads.

“All over town, some of them are huge. I mean literally huge, bathtub size,” a Des Moines resident said.

“You could lose a small car in one of them,” another described.

Just turn to Channel 13’s Facebook page and you’ll see, everyone is posting where they have claimed to drive over some of the worst potholes in the city.

“Terrible, terrible. I just came down SE 5th and there was about seven or eight of them that I had to miss,” one man explained while filling up his gas off Fleur Drive.

Des Moines Public Works says they have had 1,512 potholes reported in the last 30 days. That is 50 percent more than this same time last year.

“They are huge and there are many of them,” another frustrated driver explained. “I mean, it seems like every 12 to 15 feet there’s a pothole, so yeah, it’s ridiculous. I’ve never seen it this bad.”

Des Moines Public Works is trying to keep up. They have tripled the amount of crews out patching the holes this week. There are 17 crews working 10-hour days until this batch of potholes is tamed.

“There’s some little ones and then there`s some big huge ones and thankfully they have a couple of those marked with some pylons or whatever they have, but they are getting pretty nasty around town,” another driver explained.

Des Moines Public Works says this weekend’s snowy and rainy weather undid all of the work they did on the potholes last week.


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