DES MOINES, Iowa — Just last week, a popular bar and game lounge opened in its new location downtown.

“Walk in the first thing you see is a gigantic space. We have six ping pong tables. We have three foosball tables, a lot of dartboards, and two shuffleboard tables. So plenty of games for people to enjoy. Some games that people aren’t really that knowledgeable about would be bumper pool or bubble hockey,” said owner, Brad Argo.

After moving from its East Village location in 2019, the pandemic hit and prevented Ricochet from opening right away. After a few months of construction, the bar opened officially on January 10th. 

It now offers a bigger space to accommodate the games and large gatherings.

Entry is free but customers can pay for a $10 wristband to access more specific games.

Some free games are foosball, cornhole, and darts while some of the premium games are shuffleboard and bumper pool.

The owners say that after being open for about a week, they have seen great success in the new location and are excited to put some finishing touches on it. 

“We’re currently still waiting on our skee ball machines to show up. Everyone’s really excited for skee ball. And that’s one thing that we’ve had to wait for due to the pandemic is just the shortage of materials. So we’re hoping to get that sometime in mid-February,” said Argo. 

You can find Ricochet downtown on the corner of 4th and Walnut and entry is free but they do require all guests to be 21 and over.