‘Pop, Pop, Pop!’ Neighbor Hears Explosions Before House Catches Fire and Knocks Live Power Line on Top of Fire Truck

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DES MOINES, Iowa — A series of explosions rocked a north Des Moines neighborhood as flames quickly consumed a home. But the most serious threat may have been the live power line that fell on top of a fire truck as crews arrived.

“Pop, pop, pop!” a passerby who didn’t want to use his name said of the sounds that filled the neighborhood.

“Freaked out!” Zahara Brooks said after witnessing the fire, “I was just thinking about the people inside the house. We heard people screaming.”

She and her mother, Phyllisha Duncan, were leaving a relative’s house next door when they saw the flames. Duncan called 9-1-1 moments after she saw three people racing out of the burning home.

“Scary, cause you didn’t know what to expect. Was the house going to blow? Duncan said.

But the situation got scarier for Duncan and her daugher. “You heard that ‘bzz, bzz, bzz.’ It’s a live wire!” she said.

That live wire fell on top of one of the fire trucks right as it arrived with three firefighters inside. Two firefighters immediately jumped out as they had already been getting ready to run to the fire. The third firefighter, the driver, realized the danger of the live wire and knew it wasn’t safe to step out of the truck and risk electrocution.

Crews from MidAmerican Energy arrived on scene to cut the power to the area.

Firefighters say no one was injured in the fire and couldn’t immediately say what caused the home to catch fire. The fire destroyed the home.


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