IOWA — A new Grinnell College National Poll shows former president Donald Trump has the highest favorability among other potential presidential candidates in his party.

Among Republican and Republican-leaning respondents, 80% say they have a favorable view of Trump. That’s a narrow lead over Florida governor Ron DeSantis at 76%. That’s followed by former vice president Mike Pence at 55% and Nikki Haley at 43%.

When you factor both parties, President Joe Biden edges out Trump and others. Biden has a 44% favorability rating. Trump and DeSantis both get 38%.

The poll also finds that President Biden’s job approval numbers have risen slightly as 39% of Americans approve of the job he’s doing. That’s up 3 percentage points from September. The disapproval rating for his job performance was 51%.

The poll also found an increase in his approval ratings when it comes to his handling of the economy, immigration, and the war in Ukraine.