DES MOINES, Iowa — There were a number of Polk County Sheriff’s vehicles around the Des Moines Driving Range on Wednesday morning, but there was no crime to report. The Sheriff’s office hosted a golf outing to build relationships with some kids from Polk County. 

“There’s so many children, unlike my grandson, who have no support whatsoever,” said Golf Instructor Mark Egly, who donated golf time and equipment at Des Moines Driving Range.

 Egly credits Sheriff Schneider for bringing support to this group of children.

“The best thing I can do is get out, reach out, get to know these folks, and hopefully someday recruit someone to come and be an employee at the Polk County Sheriff’s Office,” said Sheriff Kevin Schneider.

The Sheriff said this event will introduce kids to being around law enforcement officers who may have not been around them before.

“A lot of these kids come from countries where law enforcement is not trusted,” said Schneider. “To them we’re kind of the enemy. Now we’re cultivating a new culture with these younger kids, that we’re just regular people.”

“This is my first time ever golfing that’s not mini-golfing, and so today when I was golfing it was just really fun,” said Briana Siders, who is going into 5th grade. “It’s been really fun, I used to just think it was something boring that old people do.”

Another student Ty, said the golf was a good release for him

“I can take all my anger out on the ball,” said Ty.

The children also received lunch as a part of the event.

The Polk County Sheriff’s Department will hold another golf outing with young people on August 10.