‘You’re Going to Start Paying Your Fair Share,’ Bernie Sanders Tells Big Business in 1-on-1 Interview with Channel 13

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ALTOONA, Iowa — The country would have at least twice as many union members by the next decade and federal workers should be legally allowed to strike, if Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, a Democratic president candidate can make his plan happen.

Sanders’ goal would reverse what has been a steady decline in union membership across the country. Last year, about one in ten American workers belonged to a union. That represents about half as many as the country had in 1983. How can Sanders promise that he end that trend, much less double the number of the current union members. “It’s practical,” Sanders told Channel 13, “because you’re going to have a president who is pro-union.”

Sanders said his plan–which would also ban further federal contracts with companies that don’t pay at least a $15 per hour minimum wage and force companies to share any savings that result from union members’ health care transitioning to Medicare for All–would raise the standard of living for workers across the country. “Stop the war against the working class in this country,” Sanders proclaimed.




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