Record Number of Women and Fresh Faces Look To Bring New Perspective to Iowa

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DES MOINES, Iowa — Thirty-one new lawmakers were sworn in for the first time Monday, and the newly elected hope to bring new solutions to some of the problems facing Iowa. “Humility is overwhelming, and I`m looking forward to being part of this chamber. And I can make this one promise to the people in the district and the state of Iowa that I`ll work my tail off to do the right thing,” said Rep. Kenan Judge, a  Waukee Democrat. Judge is one of 22 new lawmakers in the Iowa House, meaning more than one in five is a rookie. “It`s fresh ideas, fresh faces. I think that`s great,” said Speaker of the House Linda Upmeyer, a Clar Lake Republican. But the veteran leader knows that all that newness means there is a learning curve. “Perhaps a little, perhaps a little. Learning the rules, figuring out how we do things because making laws is often…it`s methodical. It`s methodical. We want to make sure that we`re doing things correctly,” said Upmeyer.
First timers will be joined by a record number of women. Rep. Ann Meyer, a Fort Dodge Republican, represents both. “The thing is, it`s just like starting a new job and you`d be nervous if you were starting a new job. It`s just a job that carries a lot more responsibility,” said Meyer.


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