Warren Says She Can Balance Campaigning and Impeachment Proceedings

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OTTUMWA, Iowa — This week will determine if the impeachment trial will head to the Senate, which would make life busier for the five senators vying for the Democratic nomination for president.

To reporters in Ottumwa on Sunday evening, Sen. Elizabeth Warren said she’s ready to travel back and forth from Washington, D.C. to Iowa if the trial goes to the Senate.

“This is about whether or not presidents get to decide on their own that they can advance their own interests and their own political futures and use the United States’ taxpayer’s money as bait,” she said. “I believe that is wrong and the remedy for that is an impeachment proceeding, so I’ll be there.”

Rep. Jason Smith of Missouri  introduced legislation recommending that any senator running to challenge President Donald Trump should recuse themselves from the expected Senate trial.

“The Constitution doesn’t have recusal. I swore an oath to uphold the Constitution of America and that is exactly what I will do. The Constitution makes it pretty clear no one is above the law, not even the president,” Warren said.

Some voters at the Warren event Sunday night said they understand concerns about the five senators running for president potentially having a conflict of interest, however, expressed trust that they will act fairly.

“When we’re talking about impeachment, we’re talking about following the law, honesty and truth. And all of these people who are senators pledged to always look for what is true what is honest and what is right,” said Ottumwa voter Miriam Kenning.


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