‘Unity is Strength,’ Cory Booker Says Which President Trump Not Showing

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MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa — New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker, a Democratic presidential candidate, pledged that he would listen to military leaders if he became president, rather than thinking his judgment is superior as President Donald Trump does.

“I remember how deflated I was to hear a presidential candidate (when Trump campaigned in 2016) say I know more than our generals,” Booker said aboard his RV traveling between Des Moines and Marshalltown Monday, “As soon as I heard that braggadocios, it was disheartening to me because I don’t think that’s the way you lead.”

Booker said Trump’s comments Monday in defense of North Korea’s recent missile tests demonstrate his affinity for dictators. “We have real problems, but this president seems to not understand that unity is strength. Standing with other democracies is strength,” he said.

Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst also expressed alarm at North Korea’s actions and called them “very disturbing.” 

Booker, who unlike Ernst did not serve in the military, said Memorial Day is a day not just to remember the veterans who gave their lives but also commit to serving the country in some way. “On a day like this, it’s sobering to understand how much sacrifice and how much blood had to be spent…how many heroes had to step up and ultimately fall in order for us to get here. …how blessed we are because of what they did.”


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