Tulsi Gabbard Calls Out President Trump For Being ‘Locked and Loaded’

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ANKENY, Iowa — As many presidential candidates call for the impeachment of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanuagh, Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard focused on other issues during her campaign stop in Ankeny.

Gabbard opened up the town hall by referencing a CNN article and criticizing President Donald Trump for “bending the knee to the wishes of Saudi Arabia” and for using American military to “carry out that country’s wishes.” 

“People like Mike Pompeo and the Trump administration, they’ve been trying to go to war with Iran for a really long time and they are really taking action and laying down the groundwork to do so,” said Gabbard. “Pushing us to the point where we are literally right now on the brink of a war with Iran. Trump says we are locked and loaded and I believe him.”

Gabbard goes on to say at times war is necessary to defeat an enemy that’s threatening the safety and security of American people, but an unnecessary war with Iran would cost the country trillions of dollars and have regional consequences. 

“Where are you going to find the trillions of dollars that you’ll need to fight this war?” said Gabbard. “[How will you] take care of the veterans who will come home with both visible and invisible wounds, very thick scars for the rest of their lives?”

Gabbard believes that, unlike Trump, she will be able to use her military experience to understand the depths of diplomacy needed to avoid war.


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