TRAFFIC ADVICE: Branstad Criticizes GOP Stance

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Governor Branstad is at odds again with the leadership of his own party.

It follows a news release from the Republican Party of Iowa about last Friday’s traffic enforcement project in West Des Moines.

For six hours cars were pulled over at random to make sure all brake lights, headlights and turn signals were working.

The Republican Party of Iowa encouraged drivers to only give officers their license, registration and proof of insurance and to refuse any request for a vehicle search.

The party also questioned the necessity of the traffic checks saying officers’ time would be better used fighting crime.

Governor Branstad says the Republican Party should make better use of its own time.

“I think political parties should spend their time supporting and helping candidates and raising money to support candidates to be successful in elections,” Branstad said.

“I don’t think a political party ought to be focusing on giving legal advice to people – I think that’s a mistake.”

Branstad also recently criticized the Iowa Republican Party over the decision to move next year’s state convention from June to July.

The decision was eventually reversed and the convention will remain in June.



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