Three Democratic Candidates Attend Webster County Pork Chop Dinner

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FORT DODGE, Iowa — Three Democratic presidential candidates attended Webster County’s annual pork chop fundraiser.

Hawaii’s Tulsi Gabbard was one of them and explained to Channel 13 why she took longer than other Democrats in deciding whether or not to support President Donald Trump’s impeachment inquiry.

Going through an impeachment process is something that should be undertaken very carefully, understanding how terribly divisive it will be for an already divided country,” said Gabbard. “For this to be seen and perceived as a partisan undertaking by Democrats who refuse to accept the outcome of the 2016 election is something that actually undermines our democracy and something that we should all be very concerned about.”

Gabbard, former Maryland Congressman John Delaney and former Pennsylvania Congressman Joe Sestak all came to speak to about 200 residents in Fort Dodge. Although a majority of the Democratic candidates could not attend, seven of them sent surrogates to speak on their behalf.

Gabbard was the only candidate in attendance who has secured a spot in next month’s Democratic presidential debate in Ohio. Delaney, who recently named a new Iowa state director for his campaign, claims the polls could still shift in his favor.

“I now get the sense from traveling around talking to Iowans … they’re kind of rolling up their sleeves, they’re saying, you know, we’re going to focus on what’s going on nationally,” said Delaney “But what we’re really going to do is try to figure out these candidates ourselves. So that’s going to create a bit of a sorting … I think we’ll start seeing some polls in November, December, where certain people start getting better here than they are in the national polls. That’s what I’m hoping for.”


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