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Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley said on Channel 13’s “The Insiders” that he thinks congress should investigate whether the Census Bureau fudged the numbers on jobs reports to make the Obama administration look better. Grassley said he believes that lawmakers have a responsibility to see if the job numbers were manipulated so that congress can make sure to keep the checks and balances system fair.

Grassley said he is not thinking at all about candidates running in the 2016 elections because politics changes so much in a very small amount of time.  Grassley added that he would want the ideology from a candidate to be as conservative as possible while still being electable.

The senator said he thinks that if New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is serious about a potential bid for the presidency that he needs to come to Iowa.  Iowa, the senator said, is a great place to test out the political waters and is often a purple state, one that cannot be ignored in any election. He also made the point Christie’s weight could be an advantage.

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