The Insiders: February 25th Edition, Addressing Allegations Against Frank Scaglione

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DES MOINES, Iowa  —  This past week, the Waukee Community School District acknowledged reports that former KCCI meteorologist Frank Scaglione may have had inappropriate conduct with students.

The timeline of events may be disturbing to some people. Waukee schools terminated the contract with Scaglione’s video production company on January 26th, 2017, saying it had received complaints that Scaglione had inappropriate conduct with one or more students. Channel 13 had heard similar allegations several months ago, but couldn’t get those confirmed on the record. The district banned Scaglione from contact with students or from stepping foot on the property, but didn’t tell Waukee families about this until this past Wednesday–February 21st, 2018–more than 13 months later.

The district said it’s because the allegations became more prominent on social media and led to a story in the Des Moines Register.

Channel 13 has not reported on the social media accusations due to the fact that anyone could make a claim on a social media account or set up a social media account and pretend to be someone else. Furthermore, the station did not have on the record comments from the accusers.

This does not mean the station believes the accusations made to the Waukee School District could not be true or that they are not serious. Instead, more time was needed to better gather the facts from the accusers, school district, and law enforcement. When Waukee Schools addressed the allegations, that raised the situation to another level and the station felt an obligation to share everything we could and we will continue to do so.

Scaglione did not comment, but KCCI did. Scaglione worked at the station for eight years and continued to work there more than a year after Waukee banned him following the allegations.

Political Director Dave Price asked KCCI’s management the following questions:

1. How and when did management become aware of the allegations?

2. Why was Mr. Scaglione allowed to continue to represent KCCI on-air, on-line and in community appearances?

3. Was Mr. Scaglione allowed to interact with KCCI interns following the initial allegations? What was the nature of that interaction? If so, did management place any restrictions on his involvement with interns? Were any of those interns in high school?

4. Why was the final decision made to end Mr. Scalgione’s employment with KCCI?

KCCI’s general manager, Brian Sather, replied, saying only:

“The station was never contacted by Waukee schools or any police agency regarding Scaglione. Scaglione is no longer employed by KCCI.”

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