The Deciders: Current President Unites Undecided Iowans in Effort to Replace Him

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WEST DES MOINES, Iowa — Nine Iowans from across the state come from different cities, professions and ages, but they share several things in common.

  1. They all have committed that they will show up to support a Democratic presidential candidate in the Iowa Caucuses on Feb. 3, 2020.
  2. They haven’t decided which of the 15 remaining Democrats they will choose.
  3. They all think their priority is to choose a Democratic nominee who has the best chance of defeating President Donald Trump, a Republican, in the 2020 general election.

Meet The Deciders here. 

The Deciders are decidedly pessimistic about the current state of the country under President Trump’s leadership. Here are some of the words they used to describe the country:







The Deciders offered a glimpse of how many of the Democratic presidential candidates remain on their “short list.” 

Pascha Morgan has lived in Iowa for the past two years and works as a victim’s advocate for Creative Visions, a non-profit organization in Des Moines. Morgan has voted for both Democrats and Republicans in the past, including former Republican President George W. Bush. But he doesn’t like the current state of the Republican Party under President Trump. “Donald Trump is a symptom of a country that was already sick,” Morgan said, “He is not the cause of this. He is just the symptom.”

Hannah Drollinger is a classically-trained violinist and eighth-generation folk fiddler who lives in Iowa City. She supported Democrat Barack Obama in the 2008 caucus and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders in 2016.  For her, defeating President Trump in 2020 is about re-establishing morality. “I don’t know if this is the correct terminology. But it’s like ‘post moral or something,'” Drollinger said of the Trump presidency. “There’s no foundation basis in reality … The man is actively delusional.”

Note: Brad Knott, the managing partner of State Public Policy Group, helped to moderate the 90-minute discussion with The Deciders. SPPG and Essman Research (a division of SPPG) recruited the undecided Iowans. All participants will receive a stipend for their travel costs and time to take part in three discussions about how they will make a final choice on a candidate to support on caucus night.

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