SYRIA QUESTIONS: Rep. Latham Wants Answers

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As President Obama attends a three-day overseas trip to drum up international support for an intervention in Syria, an Iowa congressman says he hasn’t decided whether or not to support military action.

Syria’s president is accused of using chemical weapons against his own people.

Secretary of State, John Kerry says over 1,400 people were killed in the gas attack by Assad’s administration including 426 children.

Channel 13’s Dave Price interviewed Rep. Tom Latham while filling in for Jan Michelson on WHO Radio Wednesday morning.

Latham says he wants to know what the end game is before he decides to give his support.

“Are we trying to remove Assad from power or not? What are we trying to do if we do attack Syria? These questions need to be answers,” Latham said.

“I’ll attend a classified briefing on Monday. I won’t make any decision until after that briefing on Monday. At this point there are so many questions out there.”

The 65-year old says no one from Washington or the Republican Party has called him to find out his stance on the matter.

The support for a US military response seems to be gaining momentum. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Wednesday approved a resolution 10 to 7 authorizing action.

The measure will be debated next week in the chamber.

Some central Iowans are calling for a non-violent solution. A peace vigil is set for Wednesday at 8 p.m. to call on Iowa’s congressional delegation to oppose action in Syria.

It is being held at Nollen Plaza at Third and Walnut downtown.

Organizers will have a table set up to allow Iowans to send message to their congressional offices.


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