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Iowa  —  The 2018 Election is gone, but pre-election controversy continues to follow Congressman Steve King.

Last week King sparked a feud with the conservative magazine “The Weekly Standard” after it published an article accusing King of referring to Mexicans as “dirt.”  Journalist Adam Rubenstein published the article on election day, saying he overheard the comments as King talked to a supporter at a campaign stop in Iowa days earlier.  Rubenstein claimed to have an audio recording of the conversation.

King took to Twitter to refute the story over the weekend and challenged the magazine to release the recording.

On Saturday night they obliged and published a two minute recording online.  In the recording King can be heard talking about a recent pheasant hunting trip and sharing his recipe for pheasant noodle soup.  The key ingredient, he says, is whole jalapenos.  He tells a supporter that he grows his own peppers, but wasn’t satisfied with this year’s crop.

“King: I raised a bunch this year but they didn’t have enough ‘bite?’ I guess I’m going to have to go get some dirt from Mexico to get the next batch.

Supporter: Trust me, its on the way.

King: Yeah, there’s plenty of dirt. It’s coming from the West coast, too, and a lot of other places besides. This is the most dirt we’ve ever seen.”

However King’s office says the Weekly Standard is misrepresenting who and what the Congressman was referring to.  King’s office say the “dirt” he spoke of was negative press he was receiving from “Leftist media” including West Coast news outlets.

Here is the full response from King’s office:

“Adam Rubenstein of the Weekly Standard misrepresented Congressman King’s quotes and wrote willfully deceptive titles before the election even took place. Rubenstein lied to 
Jeff King, the campaign chairman, on multiple occasions – misrepresenting himself, who he worked for, and where he came from. On the night of the election Rubenstein showed up at King’s election party claiming his credentials were pre-approved by Jeff King. When informed by Jeff that he was not pre-approved and would not be admitted, Rubenstein loudly declared to Jeff King, “You are a liar!” When asked to leave he and Huffington Post reporter, Chris Mathias, refused to leave and put up a vigorous vocal resistance. So vigorous that security had to be called.

The number one misrepresented statement of King’s in the Weekly Standard was falsely claiming that King called immigrant’s “dirt”. After recording King at his district event, it took Rubenstein over 23 hours before he could conjure up a derogatory story from that recording. King was simply recounting the making of his pheasant noodle soup for his annual General Bud Day Pheasant Hunt and how he used jalapeños he grew himself that turned out to not be very spicy. He said he would need to get dirt from Mexico to plant them in next year. Then, a lady in the audience said, “Trust me. It’s on it’s way.” Mr. King believed, just like he had been referencing throughout the last days of the campaign, that she was referring to the dirt coming from the leftist media and responded, “Well, yeah, there’s plenty of dirt. It’s coming from the West Coast, too, and a lot of other places, besides. This is the most dirt we’ve ever seen.” His clear meaning was the ‘Leftist media” and his opponent’s donors mostly on both coasts. 

In response to the false Rubenstein story, the campaign sent the following quote to the Weekly Standard after Jeff King spoke with Stephen Hayes who refused to accept the objective truth and defended Rubenstein’s dishonest behavior.”

“If you spent anytime with Congressman King throughout the district over this past week you would know that he has been referencing all the ‘dirt’ the dishonest, leftist media have been using to attack him. The Weekly Standard has proven this with the completely false narrative they are pushing in this article. Their unwillingness to change their narrative shows they have no desire to really report the facts. Voters are smart enough to see through this.”  

The Weekly Standard’s Stephen Hayes clearly sent Adam Rubenstein to Iowa to contribute to the attempted destruction of Steve King’s campaign. Stephen Hayes blatantly called King a “bigot” which exposes his justification for such yellow journalism. There will be more attempted retribution from the lead “Never Trump” publication in America. It’s unlikely there will be an honorable response from the deceptive abusers of the First Amendment.